JLo Shares Simple Rules For Getting Lean

Jennifer Lopez celebrated turning 50 in style. It’s incredible to think that she is 50 because not only is she on her first tour in quite some time, she is insanely ripped. 

JLo has shown time and time again, whether it’s the paparazzi snapping pics of her, or it’s her showing off on Instagram, that her body is lean, slim, and gorgeous. It’s insane to think she just turned 50 with the abs she has. And before you say she is blessed with incredible genetics or some rich person cheat method, that’s not true. 

JLo has mentioned a set of rules or guidelines she follows, and we’ve laid them out below: 

RULE #1: Drink lots and lots of water. 

Lopez is a huge advocate for staying very hydrated. It helps cleanse your body and is obviously the most important thing we can drink. On top of that it can help push you harder in the gym and boost your energy throughout the day. 

RULE #2: No caffeine. 

JLo doesn’t drink any caffeine. What you put into your body is as important as what you don’t put in it. 

RULE #3: No alcohol. 

Along the same liens as above, she stopped drinking alcohol altogether at the recommendation of a nutritionist. 

RULE #4: Eat clean. 

Lopez sticks to a balanced, nutrient rich diet. She doesn’t eat processed or refined foods. This food is her fuel and she takes her eating habits very seriously. 

RULE #5: Be in control of your snacking. 

She avoids junk food and instead snacks on fruits and veggies that she carries with her. If that isn’t enough to quench her hunger, she’ll go to some protein, which is also great fuel for her muscles. 

RULE #6: Exercise regularly, and mix it up. 

JLo does not miss her workouts or go half-ass. She also likes to mix up her routine to keep it exciting. Anything that gets your heart rate up can work.  

RULE #7: Get enough sleep! 

JLo is huge on getting enough sleep. It is where your body recovers and rebuilds, so it’s crucial. 


There you go, it’s no magic formula, but it works! 

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