Weird Traffic Laws Across The Globe

  1. You Can Get A Ticket For A Dirty Car

In Russia, you can be penalized for driving a dirty car around. The fine amounts to about 2,000 roubles.

  1. Turning Your Headlights Off

In Sweden, headlights need to be on anytime you’re on the road, day or night. While most of us turn it on at night, as we should, Sweden requires it in the daytime as well, no matter how bright the sun is shining. It reportedly increases visibility.

  1. Drinking While Driving?

It is legal to consume alcohol while you are driving in Costa Rica, but that doesn’t mean you can get drunk! You can drink so long as your blood alcohol level is under .75%.

  1. Sitting In The Passenger Seat While Intoxicated

In Macedonia, it is against the law to sit in the passenger seat if you are visibly intoxicated.

  1. Getting Into A Car With A Drunk Driver

While in most countries the driver is responsible for any charges related to drinking and driving, in Japan, the passenger is too. If you get in the car with a drunk driver, you can be punished, even though you aren’t driving.

  1. Need An Extra Set of Glasses In the Car

A lot of people wear glasses, but how many of us carry an extra pair with us? Well, in Spain if you have prescription glasses, you need to have a spare set in your car.

  1. Women Can’t Drive

Perhaps the most unusual one on the list, in Saudi Arabia women aren’t allowed to drive.

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