What We Can All Learn From Kelly Clarkson

Since The Voice started airing, we have seen some tremendous performances from contestants, and some very entertaining comments from the judges. Kelly, a judge on the show has undergone a pretty big change, she completely transformed herself. Since winning American Idol in 2002, Kelly said that she was under pressure to fit in as a pop singing icon, one that fit the perception of her fans and others.

She talked about it in an interview by saying that she was pressured by seniors in the industry to “slim down,” but she hated it. She didn’t want to change her life just to fit in, and that totally makes sense. You are who are, and you should embrace that, and that’s exactly what Kelly did. She distanced herself from those that were applying negative pressure and transformed herself into someone who doesn’t care what other people think and someone who is happy with who they are. That’s something we all can learn from Kelly.

That being said, it wasn’t the only transformation she underwent. Throughout her tenure at The Voice, Kelly has lost a bunch of weight, but not because of fad diets or anything like that. Kelly said that she is still doing the same thing she has always done but has made minor modifications that yield noticeable results in the long term. One of these was substituting different ingredients in her foods, effectively swapping bad ingredients for healthier alternatives. She was still eating the same things, they were just made differently.

If there is something, we can all takeaway from this is, it’s that we should be happy with who we are, inside and out. Living to please other people is never a good thing. However, we can still be happy with who we are while taking steps to improve ourselves. Small steps like going for a walk, meditating, substituting healthier ingredients, taking the stairs are small things we can do everyday to become better versions of ourselves.

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